Employee benefits,
no matter where you're employed.

Career mentorship, financial planning, affordable insurance, no matter where your career takes you.


Benefits that follow
your journey.

Collective is a company that provides a wide range of resources and services that are normally only available through an employer.

Every member of Collective has access to an amazing array of tools to help them succeed, that are independent of where you work, or even if you're not working.

Member Benefits

Benefits that never change, even if your career does.

Job Coaching & Mentorship

Talk to one of our many experts and let us help you find a job, navigate tricky work related issues, plan your careeer, or even just talk about what you want to do with your life! Basketball players have coaches, so why shouldn't your career have one?

Worker Advocacy

We're here to help. We understand that work is a complicated and necessary part of life. That's why we've got your back. We work directly with companies and legislators to insure everyone is protected and has equal access to opportunities.

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Affordable Health Insurance

We're working hard to secure the right strategic partnerships with insurers, to offer our members affordable and effective health insurance. You shouldn't have to worry about your health if you lose your job.

Financial Tools

Part of your job is making money, so managing it effectively is an important part of success. We work with financial institutions to help you set goals, understand where your paycheck is going, and plan for the future.

Employee Assistance Programs

Work and life tend to not be as separate as we'd like. Whatever issue you're dealing with whether it's financial, substance abuse, mental health, etc. We have a full staff of subject experts who you can talk to.

Job Opportunities

We're partnering with some of the best organizations to help our members find great jobs and careers. And since we take a personalized approach to understanding our members, we can better serve them in their search.

Like Fitbit, but for your job.

Collective helps you see your entire worklife from your phone with our app. Easily manage your 401(k), video chat with a doctor through your insurance, message your job coach, and more.


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