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Employee benefits, without the employer.

All the tools you'll need to succeed

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a waitress, or a Fortune 500 professional, we're here to make your life easier.

On Demand Job Coaching

Talk, text, or video conference with a job coach about career advice, workplace conflicts, or strategic planning.

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Group Health Insurance

Don't have a job that provides affordable healthcare? In between jobs? Or just don't like your current plan? We've got your back.

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Job Opportunities

Access to job listings, preferential status with partnered companies, and interview coaching.

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Employee Assistance Programs

Life is hard, we're here to help with any type of problem you're facing, professional or otherwise :)

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Co-working Space

Need an office? We've got discounts to amazing co-working spaces.

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Training Opportunities

With our partnerships with community colleges and other organizations, you've got access to everything you need to grow your career.

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Our Mission

We built Collective because we understand that millennials will change jobs up to 20 times in their lifetime. That the nature of work is changing. And good jobs are hard to come by. So why should insurance, financial tools, mentorship, and other benefits be shackled to a single employer?

"We believe that everyone deserves great opportunities and a meaningful life.
Work to live, don't live to work."

Why Innovate Work?

In 1914, Henry Ford shocked the world and doubled his employees' wages and shortened their workday. But, in 2017, workers are finding it harder and harder to make it.

  • Worker Advocacy

    Collective is here because workers' rights are becoming increasingly under threat. Globalization, automation, and the changing idea of what it means to work, all
    make it difficult to have a successful career, much less an enjoyable one.

    If we can help alleviate some of the stress that comes from workplace related
    issues, such as health insurance, workplace conflict, or just the worries that
    come with work in general. Then you can focus on having a successful career
    and living life.

  • Employers Love Us

    Collective isn't just for workers. We help employers reduce overhead, remove unnecessary tasks, and help them focus on their core competencies.

    Employers can completely outsource their HR, Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, Financial Planning, and Wellness departments through Collective.
    Afterall, most companies weren't created to do those things.

  • Future Proof

    The world is changing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous vehicles will change life and work forever. No one can stop the future, but why not be ready for it?

    Even if your job isn't threatened today, there's no guarantee of tomorrow.
    Collective works for everyone, for today and tomorrow's worker.

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